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Sign-up for Holiday Care Here!

Collierville Schools will be closed a half day for the last day of school on Thursday, May 24th.  We will provide Holiday Care on that half day, and also a full day on Friday, May 25th if you need it. 


If you sign your child up to attend, you will be charged as follows per child:


For children enrolled in Before and/or After School Care:

  • Weekly fee plus $5 for half day
  • Weekly fee plus $10 for full day

For children enrolled in Holiday Care:

  • $17.50 per half day
  • $35 per full day

Oldest siblings will receive a 10% discount on fees.

  • You will be charged if you have signed up your child to attend regardless if your child is here or not.   
  • You must provide a lunch for your child.  We will provide a morning and afternoon snack with water.


Please fill out the form below to sign your child up.

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