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Terms & Conditions

School Age Program Terms & Conditions

Child Release Authorization and Pick-up procedures

The following policy is upheld at Central Learning Center for your child's safety. Please read carefully.

To pick a child up from the center, you must be on the child's authorized pick-up list. You go to the front desk where your child will be called on the radio. Your child will meet you at the front desk. Please be prepared to show your ID to the front desk person every single time when picking up.

When a child has been entrusted to us, we cannot release him/her to anyone who, in our judgment, is under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. If you, your spouse, or anyone you have given permission to pick up your child comes to the Center in this condition, we will insist that arrangements be made for someone else to transport your child home. We will take the following steps in such a case:

  1. If there is a person in the car that, in our judgment, is not under the influence, and this person is driving or will do so, we will release the child to them. We will call the parent or emergency contact person and notify them of what we have done.
  2. If there is not a person in the car that, in our judgment, is not under the influence, we will call the parent or emergency contact person and ask them to come and pick up the child. If they are unable to come, we will transport the child to their home or the emergency contact person's home if another adult will be there.

If you have any questions, please call our office at (901) 255-8133.

Emergency Medical Authorization

I authorize Central Learning Center to take whatever emergency medical measures are deemed necessary for the protection of my child while he/she is in their care. I understand that this authorization includes transporting my child to the hospital, doctor, or clinic without first obtaining my consent.

Payment Terms

I understand that fees are due on Friday for the coming week. A late charge of 10% will be added on Tuesday. No discount will be given for days missed because of illness, vacation or holidays.

Tennessee Department of Education Summary of Child Care Approval Requirements

We are required by the Department of Education to provide you with a copy of the Tennessee Department of Education Summary of Child Care Approval Requirements. Hard copies are available at the CLC Front Desk by request and this link is also available on our website www.centrallearningcenter.com.

Picture Policy

If you wish for your child's photo to not be used in any media produced by Central Learning Center, you must fill out a form that is available at our front desk. 

 Summer Day Camp Choosing Your Weeks

  • You must select all of the weeks you wish your child to attend when you register.
  • If you need to change one or more of the weeks, you may do this up until Friday at noon the week before with no charge. 
  • After noon the week before, you will be charged a drop fee or add-on fee of $15 per child per week.
  • For no-shows weeks, you will be charged a fee of $90 for the week that your child was signed up to attend but did not.
  • We will only accept weeks-added and walk-ins based on availability.
  • If you do not register for a week, but show up to attend, you will be charged a walk-in fee of $25 per child.


The Center reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate childcare services. Circumstances that warrant suspension and/or termination of services include, but are not limited to: 

  1. A child demonstrating behavior that is hazardous to the health or safety of other children.  
  2. A child requiring one-on-one attention from classroom staff. 
  3. A child using inappropriate language. 
  4. A child disobedient or disrespectful to authority. 
  5. Failure by parent/guardian to abide by the fee policy of paying fees in advance of attendance. 
  6. Three late pick-ups; i.e. a child picked up after 6 P.M. There is a $2 per child per minute late pickup charge.

School-Age Guidelines and Dress Code

  1. During Day Camp, campers must wear the official day camp shirt on field trip days.
  2. On other days, shirts must not have inappropriate graphics or logos. 
  3. During Day Camp, students should wear tennis shoes every day due to our activities.
  4. During Day Camp and full-day Holiday Care, students should bring a sack lunch every day.
  5. No tube tops, midriff shirts, short shorts, or spaghetti strap tops. 
  6. For swimming or water activities, one piece swim suits, only, and cover-ups must be worn in the building. 
  7. No Heely or similar type shoes can be worn.
  8. No toys should be brought from home.
  9. Electronic devices (including cell phones) are discouraged. Devices will be confiscated and held if they are used at inappropriate times or in inappropriate ways or if they cause behavior problems. Confiscated devices will need to be picked up by the parent at pick-up.
  10. Video calling of any kind to anyone is prohibited unless it is part of a school assignment and with prior authorization.
  11. Central Learning Center assumes no responsibility for possessions from home being lost, damaged or stolen.